Carnivorous Plant Newsletter

Poppinga S., Alamsyah F., Bauer U., Fleischmann A., Horstmann M., Klink S., Kruppert S., Lin Q., Müller U., Northrop A., Płachno B., Prins A., Scharmann M., Sirová D., Skates L., Westermeier A. & Ellison A.M. (2018): What’s new in the world of carnivorous plants - Summary of two symposia held in July 2017. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. 47, p18-27

Laura Skates & Adam Cross (2015) How hungry are carnivorous plants? An investigation into the nutrition of carnivorous plant taxa from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, 44(44), p207-212

PostScript Magazine

PostScript magazine is the annual publication of the Postgraduate Students’ Association of the University of Western Australia. I was the Lead Editor of the 2018 edition of PostScript magazine and am really proud with how it turned out - click the link to check it out and read my editorial! I also contributed a few fun articles in previous editions:

Laura Skates (2017) Plant movies everyone should see. UWA PostScript Magazine, p22-23

Laura Skates (2016) A beginner’s guide to carnivorous plants. UWA PostScript Magazine, p18-19

Laura Skates (2016) Waffles and isotopes in Ghent. UWA PostScript Magazine, p22-23