Conference prizes

Australian Flora Foundation Poster Prize, Ecological Society of Australia conference, 2018

First Prize, Best Poster Presentation by a Student, IsoEcol conference, 2018

First Prize, ESA Wiley Outstanding Poster Presentation, Ecological Society of Australia conference, 2016

Runner Up, Best Oral Presentations by a Student, International Conference on Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies, 2016: “Just how carnivorous are carnivorous plants? Investigating the dependence of carnivorous plants on heterotrophic nutrition, using stable isotope techniques”

2016-11-29 19.59.43.jpg

Sci-comm competitions

Runner Up, UWA Three Minute Thesis competition, 2018: “Super Mario vs Piranha Plant”

WA Finalist, International FameLab competition, 2018: “How hungry are carnivorous plants?”

Finalist, UWA Three Minute Thesis competition, 2017: "Murderous Plants & Mysterious Bugs"

People's Choice Award, Postgraduate Student Association's Research in the Tav event, 2017: "How hungry are carnivorous plants?"


Art & Media awards

InterAction Media Mentoring Program Award, Ecological Society of Australia conference, 2018

Special Commendation for a Photographic Artwork, 2017 Biological Arts Competition for my photo entry of a Hakea cucullata, titled "Full Circle"


Academic awards

Outstanding Student Award, International Botanical Congress, 2017

Fogarty Foundation Excellence Award, University of Western Australia, 2010

Personal Excellence Award, Biology Award, and Geography Award, Como Secondary College, 2009